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Personal Financial Planning

Creating Financial Freedom!

Building and preserving your personal wealth requires specialized attention. You get one-on-one guidance and a comprehensive financial plan that helps manage risk, improve performance, and ensure the growth and longevity of your wealth.

We help you...

  • Save enough for a comfortable retirement by identifying your retirement needs, analyzing your assets and sources of retirement income, reviewing estimated shortfalls, and identifying the best ways to save for retirement given your financial situation and risk tolerance.

  • Pay for your child's college education by accurately estimating the amount of money you'll need, analyzing your assets, reviewing estimated shortfalls and considering general alternatives and strategies to help address these potential shortfalls, and developing an optimal savings plan given your financial situation and risk tolerance.

  • Protect your family in case of you become disabled by ensuring you have enough money in your emergency fund and analyzing your life, disability, health, home, and auto insurance coverage. We also review your will and various powers of attorney designed to take care of your affairs in the event you are incapacitated and can't manage them yourself.

  • Achieve your investment goals by identifying the steps needed to maximize your investment returns as well as the steps needed to help minimize your risk while building increased predictability of your investment returns.

  • Leave a legacy for your heirs by maximizing the value of your estate by saving tax dollars, professional fees, and court costs. As well as minimizing the costs of probate, creditors, lawyers, and estate taxes, which can negatively impact the value of your estate. We also help you stay in control of your affairs by providing a road map for passing your estate on to your heirs.
Why do we charge an initial consultation fee?
The answer to this question is that it allows you to receive aid that is more efficient, in-depth, and reliable.
The AGS TAX Group provides a rate for initial consultations at $275 per hour. The reason for this is because from the moment you walk into our offices, we want to make sure that we are helping you to the utmost of our ability, and that you are receiving the most advantageous meeting possible.
With the thousands of clients that we receive every year, sustaining in free consultations is untenable. To make sure that our standards stay high, and that each client achieves satisfaction, we are forced to divide our time in such a manor for the sake of absolute efficiency.
To sustain a one on one relationship with our clients, we cannot hold free consultations. However, you can be assured that during our consultations, you will have our undivided attention as we progress to find a resolution to your problem.
Other services that offer free consultations will not provide the information you are looking for, and instead will turn sales meetings where new services will constantly be offered to you, instead of any actual aid. Like all things in life, for consultations, you get what you paid for. In the case of free consultations, that would be only recommendations for other paid services to answer your questions. Our office has a huge amount of experience and a great reputation. When you pay for our consultations, you will be able to receive an in depth discussion and aid on any topic that falls within the spectrum of accounting and tax from our certified accountants.
A consultation is much more than answering a few questions; it is also a review of the facts that establishes what further actions can be taken, and which is most reasonable for your specific situation. Consultations create clear plans to reach desired outcomes.

A financial plan's true value comes with its implementation. Let us help you attain financial freedom by requesting a Free Consultation below.

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